Current Projects

“To Serve & Protect”. 5 minute sizzle reel for new feature film

In a random act of violence, a police officer is shot dead outside a diner as his partner watches helplessly from inside the patrol car. Being part of a system driven by fear and politics where nobody respects the badge, the partner buries his rage deep inside. With the lack of resources and support to deal with his pain, his rage builds and explodes into a savage beating that kills an innocent homeless man.


We produced a five minute sizzle reel – exclusively to give everyone involved an idea of what the actual film will feel like. This footage will not be part of the finished motion picture. The film is also being recast.


The Devil’s Right Hand – in development

We’re currently developing “The Devil’s Right Hand”, a contemporary drama:”When a bachelor party of successful lawyers spirals out of control leaving a young man deadly injured in the street, they are terrified of the consequences if their awful deed is revealed. The film is written by Frankie Krainz and adapted from a Danish screenplay by Anders Ølholm.